We provide optimal solutions to meet the future of education in the world.

ELearning Courses development
ELearning Courses development Tajseer is committed to developing reliable and purposeful digital educational materials that comply with global standards for ELearning. The courses that are developed are characterized by their compatibility with all computers, smart devices and various operating systems (iOS/Android), and includes a friendly GUI with adaptive content that matches the individual needs of each learner. It is also meet the Digital content compliance (SCORM) standards with fully technical support for publishing on LMS/CMS/MOOCs.
Training and Consulting
Training and Consulting Tajseer provides many services in the fields of educational consultancy and development of training packages to ensure that clients acquire new skills and knowledge through interaction with the expertise of specialized consultants. Tajseer gains its professional experience as a result of its consultants' exposure to many local and international institutions and organizations, ensuring the application of "best practices" in the fields of training and consulting.
STEM Methodology
STEM Methodology Tajseer provides services for creating courses and educational packages based on the STEM methodology, implementing specialized training workshops (STEM Workshops) and educational/instructional design models.
AR and VR Environments
AR and VR Environments Tajseer keeps pace with the rapid developments in real and virtual education and training technologies, as it provides services for designing and developing virtual laboratories for technical and vocational education and training using (360 image, augmented reality-AR, virtual reality-VR) technologies. We also developing 2D/3D educational games and employing VR technologies and holograms in composing lessons based on the STEM methodology.
Interactive Multimedia
Interactive Multimedia At Tajseer, designers have a wide imagination to develop professional graphic interfaces, keeping eye on the details and the selection of colors, contrast and connotations, in order to produce the best designs, graphics, user interfaces and interactive activities. We produces professional clips that include video and audio recordings, in addition to developing animations and motion graphics.