Why Tajseer

Tajseer Int. Office is a recruitment agency which consider as a link between the students from Gulf countries with the universities abroad, Tajseer Int. is an international institution to provide full service to the students in order to facilitate their studies abroad, whether they are scholarships students or self-funded.

So far, Tajseer Int. expands its success by providing thousands of students with acceptances from different Academic institutions in the world.

Tajseer distinguished by :

· Improve the level of student s learning by assist them to get the suitable acceptance from the best universities and education institutions in various countries around the world.

· Integrate the western culture and civilization and the Arab ones by helping students understand the other culture and communicate with them in an elegant way.

· Provide the local market with professional and experienced youth, who are equipped with most modern scientific experiences.

· Tajseer Int. is in regular contact with all students before and after providing them with their acceptance in order to strengthening the relationship and confidence between Tajseer Int. and the students.

· Assist the students in the procedures of embassies and Visa for them and their chaperon or dependents.