Our Vision

Tajseer mainly aims to meet the educational needs of adult learners in a way that is unmatched in higher education. On the other hand, it has an ambition to become the first provider for university services in the Middle East and the whole world, through providing the students from various countries with opportunities to gain educational qualifications.

Moreover, Tajseer Int. spires to become one of the region’s leading admission offices/agencies in the Middle East region and the whole world, provide the students with the best learning and teaching experiences, focused enterprise, multiculturalism and effective engagement with various cultures.

To achieve this, Tajseer Int. :

· Offers a broad range of specializations to students who desire to register in foreign universities.

· Tajseer's staff will focus on offering an extraordinary level of services that are student- centered and consistent with the admission regulations.

· Through the provision of these services, it will become easy to change and improve the student's lives with positive impact on their learning experiences.

· Pursues clearly defined strategies that promote our leadership in the university admission market.

· Responds to the needs of the clients (students) and enhance long term partnerships with various educational institutions.

· Invests in the development of the new generations and inspire innovation.

· Achieves continuous improvement in the quality of our services.

· Adherences with the Code of Ethical Practices and maintain standards of excellence in dealing with our clients, candidates and partners.

As a result, our success will help our clients and students achieve their goals and in invest in the human capital.